Berry refers to any small, sweet, juicy and brightly-colored fruit. Most berries are naturally sweet and require little effort to prepare. Just rinse them under water and serve as a nutritious snack or dissert. Berry contain significant percentages of a day’s macronutrient needs – carbohydrates, protein, fat, and dietary fiber. They also have notably high levels of the essential dietary mineral manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin K.

The pigments (anthocyanins) that give berries their beautiful blue and red hues are also good for your health. Due to the premium antioxidant strength of most berries, they are widely used as ingredients in functional food or dietary supplements industry.

Health Benefits

Most berries are a source of polyphenol antioxidants, which have been commonly known to be good for health and can improve immune systems. Besides, every different berry has its own characteristics.

With the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (expressed as ORAC score) of 9,584 units per 100 g, Cranberry ranks near the top of 277 commonly consumed foods in the United States (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity of Selected Foods , 2007). Raw cranberries and cranberry juice are excellent food sources of the anthocyanidin flavonoids, cyanidin, peonidin and quercetin (Duthie SJ, 2006). These are powerful beneficial compounds. Also research shows that cranberry is an ideal supplement for urinary tract health (Cranberry juice creates energy barrier that keeps bacteria away from cells, 2008).

Due to their dense contents of ellagic acid, quercetin, gallic acid, anthocyanins, cyanidins, pelargodidins, catechins, kaempferol and salicylic acid, raspberries rank near the top of all fruits for antioxidant strength, with ORAC value of about 4900 per 100 grams (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity of Selected Foods , 2007).

What is BerryPlus™?

BerryPlus™ is the customized blend of berry extracts. It delivers the maximum health benefits from types kinds of berries. It can be used in dietary supplement, healthy drink, food or cosmetic industry. As a premium herbal ingredient manufacturer and supplier, AuNutra®‘s state-of-art technology ensures that there is no organic solvent residue in the product. BerryPlus™ is also pesticide-free and non-irradiated.


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